Analytical framework and identification of best practices - Project result 1 - May 2023

The publication focuses primarily on the Pluriliteracies Teaching for Learning (PTL) approach, interculturality, and the use of digital tools in foreign language teaching.

The analysis and theoretical framework was made in collaboration with Mondragon University.

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Methodology and questionnaire

This publication presents our approach to Methodology and Questionnaire Design, featuring three distinct questionnaires aligned with key themes from our theoretical analytical framework. These questionnaires blend open-ended inquiries and Likert-scale assessments for practicality: 

  1. Streamlining global data collection by eliminating the need for in-person interviews or focus groups.
  2. Ensuring participant accessibility, including the option for easy questionnaire translation, simplifying data analysis without transcription or translation from the participant's native language to English.

To gain a deeper understanding of our strategic decisions in data collection methodology we invite you to read the document.

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Results and recommendations based on questionnaires

The publication brings together results and recommendations of each of the four countries in the project – Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Spain - from the extensive analytical framework and identification of best practises.  

The results and recommendations of each country have been divided into three main categories:

  1. the four dimensions that form the PTDL model (Pluriliteracies Teaching for Deeper Learning)
  2. digital tools in FL (Foreign Language) teaching and learning
  3. significant differences among teachers' and students' perspective in each school. 

In summary, six general recommendations have been deduced from the analysis.

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