The DIGI-LINGO partner group held its second in-person meeting in San Sebastian from 13-15 March, hosted by our Basque partner Kristau Eskola. This two-day program was filled with visits to schools and discussions focusing on the recently completed Project Result 1, the next Project Result which will be the focus of the second year of the project, as well as initial discussions on Project Results 3 and 4.

The objective of Project Result 2 is to develop tangible and practical guidelines for foreign language teachers to use in their teaching, including the development of innovative methods and guidelines for language teaching, as well as investigating how technology can be utilized to enhance foreign language teaching.

On the initial day, the partner organization took a tour of the Mary Ward School, a school that emphasizes language learning. The school encourages students to become multilingual and teaches courses in Basque, Spanish, German, and English. Additionally, the school arranges exchanges to seven destinations in Germany and England. On the second day, the partner group visited the Nazaret Fundazioa School, an educational institution that specializes in providing vocational training to both young adults and adults. The school has made an effort to use information technology to help its students learn and develop the skills necessary for them to become more employable.

Stay tuned for results from Project Result 1 here on this website! The partners will soon be publishing their analytical framework and identifying good practices in digital language teaching and virtual exchange.